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Mailing address :
Phi Network Systems
55 Ballymartin Rd
BT39 0BS
VAT Reg No : GB 124 38 26 28

Network Operations

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For general public use

If you have any issue (malicious or nuisance) please do contact us. Phi Network Systems does not ignore problems. If it is within our remit to sort it we will act on it. If it is not within our remit and it is permissible to do so, we will work with you to try and solve the issue. We would ask that you please provide as much information as possible to allow us to evaluate the problem.

Be aware, if you do not have an existing account with us then the above contact methods are the only ones available. All of the points of contact that follow below require proof of identity. If you are a supplier you will need at least an order number in addition to most likely a dial back.

Customers and end users will require their customer number as well as further proof of identification. If you fail to be authorised our agents will immediately contact the main account holder to seek clarification. If possible it would be best to have a senior member of your organisation make contact.

24x7 Support

You can of course also login to our "Support" portal using your authorised account details and raise a ticket that way, if that is easier.

If your issue is regarding a domain name registration or DNS entry you can contact the Domains team via the above support system or email them directly using this email and they will raise a ticket on your behalf.


Customer accounts

Note : you can access your account through our "Accounts" portal and raise any account related issues through our "Support" portal.


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